Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria – 3951 km


3 thoughts on “Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria – 3951 km

  1. Peter says:

    How is the bike holding up? I just spent 10 days touring t alps on my 1996 NTV 650, and at times My legs felt very cramped, however the bike performed solidly all the way up Col de Galibier and severaal other high passes of the alps. Have a nice trip, I hope to do something similar one day…

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    • Hi Peter, the bike is holding up very well. It almost even looks like it rides smoother with every passing day. On Sustenpass I had no problem what so ever, so lets see (in a few months) how it handles the Himalayas!


  2. Hi RJ,

    Je gaat zeker “Eastwards”. Wat een trip zeg en nog steeds de juiste richting…
    Als ik zie hoe het gaat verwacht ik niet dat je binnen een maand weer terug bent maar zeker je eindbestemming zult bereiken… Top man!!!!!
    Keep on biking!


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