Netherlands – India, 17.086km Compilation teaser

It took me a ridiculous long time to dig through all the videos and trim all the pieces, but its almost done! Here is a short impression/compilation of the Going Eastwards trip and what is yet to come. ;)


Struggling in the Himalaya 14.521 km

Dear Friends,

The Himalayas have been quite an adventure. Riding one of the most dangerous routes in the world on my bike (and loving it so much, I went back and did it again the following day), tumbling with the bike in a cold waterstream and getting caught in a blazing snowstorm on top of Rohtang Pass and being stranded for a couple of days. Dangerous events, but at the same time so very beautiful and fun (atleast it sure is in hindsight).

Lots of videos have made, showing all these insane events in greater detail, but for now you can get an impression of the adventures on my instagram page.


Greetings from Pakistan

The best way to keep you updated at the moment is through Instagram, since it’s difficult to access my laptop, decend internet wordpress or youtube due to bans and frequent power shutdowns.

I am currently safely locked away (literally) in the Bloom Star Hotel in Quetta, Pakistan. I am being constantly being escorted by police officers and levies (borderpatrol). As shown in the picture above.

More to follow soon!


Riding through Iran – 9549km

I have now been riding through Iran for 11 days, visiting; Tabriz, Tehran, sleeping in the Kashan Desert and taking a rest in the beautiful city Esfahan. Due to poor internet connection (and the block of facebook, youtube and wordpress) I am unable to make solid enteries on my blog. There are tons of things I want to share with you, so this message is just to let you know you still owe me all that!

Now making my way towards Shiraz.


Robert Jan