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Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.23.51 AM

After 2,5 hours of driving in the rain I started getting close to Nancy in France. Somewhere along the way I realised that the navigationsystem also did not agree with the current weatherconditions. When the screen started turning pink and flashing like a strobe-light, I knew it was time to quickly turn it off and put it away.

With the navigationsystem dropping as a guideline it was back to old fashioned navigation. While riding along a main road in Nancy I looked for a place to make a quick stop. Not even bothering to find a dry spot I just parked my bike on a property just off the road and a bit out of the wind. There I performed the ritual of lifting my soaked butt from the seat, wringe my gloves, gaze at the map, have an I-hate-this-horrible-weather tantrum and stuff an energybar down my throat.

That is when two guys casually walked up to me. Being awefully tired and not being a great French speaker, I tried my best to describe my intentions and destination with gestures and nodding. After seeing my state the guys pointed into the direction of a garage/shelter just around the corner. Despite feeling desperate to continue riding, the kind hearted gesture convinced me to just give it a shot and I slowly drove my motorcycle into the garage.


2 thoughts on “Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.23.51 AM

  1. Matthieu says:

    Waaahhouuuu!!!! Very very nice video. You’re so much talented.
    I’ll tell to my partners.
    What is the lake before switzerland? Annecy? It’s very beautiful.
    I’ll tell to my partners. I’m happy you are fine. Good luck for the rest of balkan.
    Sometimes we’ll follow your travell on your website.
    Peace. God bless you.


    • Hi Matthieu, Geetings from Bulgaria! Im glad to hear you like it. Every time I see the part from your firestation and all your partners it really bring a big smile on my face. So glad that I got to meet all of you! The lake was near Interlaken, it is called Thunersee. I am very excited about the coming days, almost reached Turkey! Hope to speak to you again soon


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