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An Unexpected Experience

Having learned from my wonderful experience of applying for an Indian Visa, I came prepared when applying for the Pakistani visa. Beside the required documents; copies of Hotel bookings, motorcycledocuments, Carnet de Passage, Travel Insurance and much more.

I arrived early in the morning at the Embassy around 9.30. Once inside I was still the only one applying for a visa, thus it took about 5 minutes until I could hand over my papers. They red everything very thoroughly and asked additional question concerning my trip and places of visit. Since I wrote everything down (and had a visual travelplan) in my introductionletter; these answers where easily verified. The hotelbooking added to this story even though they did not require the copies immediately. I was asked to sit down as the documents would be prepared for judgement.

Once seating I felt the need to add more clarity in my story, so I grabbed the additional papers walked over to the reception and handed over a copy of my Carnet the Passage and motorcycledocuments. Then I noticed they were already busy sticking a document in my passport with glue that reeked of instant death. With a well hidden smile and a lot of relief I made my way back to my seat. With a few minutes later paying for my visa and having some small talk about the trip, the passport was handed back to me with a sincere ”safe travels” wish.

And so this picture was made outside the Embassy of Pakistan, 25 minutes after I had applied for my Visa.


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